Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sketchbook drawings

Hey, Marissa here, welcome to my first official post!! I went through my sketchbook, and took pictures of some of my favorite drawings!! :3 

I've been practicing side-profile drawings, and I think this one turned out wel!! 

Some Aphmau fanart!! I love Aphmau. (she is my favorite youtuber!!)

He looks cranky.... Maybe he is mad I accidently got gel pen on his shirt??

The next three are #mermay drawings. I love drawing mermaids. <3

(Not sure about her hair..)

One of my OC's, Raven!! She is a rather sarcastic/cranky person. :P

I often find inspiration from tv shows, people I see IRL, etc. this dude was inspired by Shiro from Voltron. :3

My other OC, Fern!! She is obsessed with music, and always has her headphones with her.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Would you like to see more posts like this??

Saturday, May 13, 2017

• Beyond the Galaxy •

Marissa here, Welcome to my new blog, Beyond the Galaxy!! Beyond the Galaxy is a randomness blog, where I hope to post photography, fangirl rants, excessive cat pictures, (since cats are slowly taking over the Internet anyways) drawings, and other things. My best friend Allycat will be posting on this blog along with me, so keep an eye out for her posts!! I hope you enjoy the blog !
~Mari/Marissa ★