Meet Marissa

Hello!! I am Marissa, (Mari for short) I started this blog along with my bestie, Allycat!!
I am an introvert obsessed with space/astronomy and I listen to a lot of music. I also fangirl a lot and I will gladly talk to you about cats. Here are some random facts about me!!

~ I am a Christian
~ I have glasses (they are purple)
~ My favorite colors are pink, mint, and gray
~ I love pusheen
~ Dogs, cats, pandas, and horses are my favorite animals. :3
~ I hate winter. (Summer and Autumn are way better)
~ Chocolate, baked ziti, and tacos are my favorite foods
~ I love the sound of rain
~ Some of my favorite shows are: the Flash, Gravity falls, Voltron, and any Disney movie. :3

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